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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday's blood draw

Just updating my friend's who want to know how things are going with my blood work, technically posting this later then it says however wanted to show it before the other blog so others could kind of steer clear of it. Right now I'm just talking to myself lately, I think.

DateTimePregnancyHCG LevelsProgesterone LevelsDoubling Time
11/22/2001011 am3w 4d (11dpo)38 mIU20.69-
11/24/2001010 am3w 6d (13dpo)129 mIU-26.65 hours
11/26/2001010 am4w 1d (15dpo)209 mIU-68.95 hours
11/29/200109 am4w 4d (18dpo)482 mIU17.5358.90 hours
12/02/201011 am5w 0d (21dpo)1847 mIU-38.18 hours
12/06/20102 pm5w 4d (25dpo)5856 mIU-59.47 hours

I asked the nurse if the doubling time was just fine, since I wrote down roughly what the doubling time would be if it was at certain #'s. She says they're very happy about it and that it should be doubling every 72 hours so it was good to hear. Although I know I'll be on edge until I hit 9 weeks I'm so glad to see the #'s doing what they need to do - with the May loss I never hit that high of a number!! Isn't that sad?


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

That's great news! And It is scary as soon as you see a BFP.

Hoping things go well!

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