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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And we're off.. again

Today should be 2 dpo, which is good. Seems on clomid my body consistently likes to ovulate CD 19, which is an improvement from what normally happens. I do like the consistency of knowing when it will happen versus waiting and waiting. It's likely that in a few cycles we'll be off the clomid and back to in consistence again which blows. I have a fear we'll be doing the next step soon - IUI. It's not a bad thing, I'm just nervous. It's an hour drive away and with the Navy I don't see it working out as planned. I'm just nervous to stick my all into it (wait, I've already been doing that) and coming up empty handed.

Let's face it.. I know I need to lose weight. I look at pictures people take of me and I see it - what I never wanted to be. I don't like the weight I'm at... and with PCOS and IR reeking havoc I know the extra weight isn't good on my body and reproductive organs. Today I need to find my way... start working on what will work for me. I'll probably have to do what I did that eventually led to me getting pregnant with my son, which is getting to that 200-even mark. That's around 40 pounds to go. I always question how did I get to this point and am determined to say goodbye to the weight. I lost the weight slowly before, with cleaner eating and exercising to Slim in 6. I'll be doing it similar, but this time I have more videos to work out to. I'm hoping I can lose weight better then last time, but I know it'll take being more strict. Getting off the sugar foods, watching portions, more lean meats, fruits and vegetables. I'll probably take before and after shots like I did last time. Last time this was my results:

In those 5 months I lost roughly 25-30 pounds. I know I wasn't trying as hard as I could have either. The April picture was less then a month before I found out I was pregnant, at 197 pounds. I know at that point I was still hefty, but my body sorted itself out. I want to get there again and know I can if I concentrate on it. So I have to learn to balance my time and focus on foods that are better for me.

In other news... SIL and her family came to visit this past weekend. It was nice having them over :) They came with Luna, who has been "adopted" into our family. She's frisky, crazy and never stops going (unless she's sleeping). Welcome to our family, Luna.


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