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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Struggling with my weight

We will be doing another clomid cycle this round and have said after 3 cycles we'd re-discuss whether or not we think another 3 cycles of clomid would do any good or to move onto the next subject - IUI. I honestly think this will be the last cycle of clomid. Honestly it hasn't done us much good in the past - we only got pregnant once with it. For a break down we got pregnant after 4 months of clomid, miscarried, got pregnant 4 months later naturally and delivered our wonderful son, got pregnant naturally in September 2009 and pregnant naturally April 2010. So I'm thinking if it doesn't work this cycle, we need to try something else.

However this post really isn't about that.. it's about my weight. I'm really struggling with it. I'll be honest, I weigh in at 240 pounds. This past year I cannot seem to get my weight down. Granted I haven't gave it my all, which is what I *need* to do because of my insulin resistance and PCOS. I feel like they're fighting my weight efforts sometimes! However I am to the point I know I need to lose it. I'm sick of my weight, I feel unhealthy, and I worry often how my weight is playing in my health. What is the point of trying to get pregnant if I might have complications DUE to them?

Whew, almost thought I lost all my typing since I opened up another website on this tab! Whoops. Anyway, I really know I need to lose it. I just don't know how to start. My weight history has it's ups and downs, mostly ups. I've been heavy since I was a child, although I held it really well back then. I never looked like I was 180 when I was 17. Then I got married and ballooned up. When I miscarried in 2005 I was 220, down from being a high of 267 pounds. It took 1 1/2 years to accomplish that much... and let's face it, I wasn't loyal. So I lost 25ish pounds in 4 months then got pregnant with my son. I couldn't imagine dealing with pregnancy at my highest weight and honestly I'm not too far off of being that again.

So I need to figure out what will work for me. I used to be so loyal working out at home, but it gets old. I miss going to the gym and having a personal trainer like I did back when we lived on base in Georgia. I think I'll just have to push myself to do it at home again - I don't think it's worth driving 10 miles to get to the gym on base. Well, maybe it is... but that will probably come in the future. I have the means to exercise at home, so I should.

Hopefully I can figure a combination of eating and exercising that will help me lose quicker then it took last time. Perhaps I need to check out weight watchers online again?


Rebecca said...

I can totally relate to everything you've said. I'm currently at my highest weight ever, and I've got over 100lbs up on you. :( It's such a struggle.
Do you have an iPhone? There's a couple of cool apps for food/exercise tracking if you do. One is called My fitness pal and the other is called Lose It. I've used both but like Lose It better because you can add friends on it and help each other keep track and encourage each other.
I also think why keep my weight the complications would be tremendous...but it's such a hard thing to admit that your weight is keeping you from getting pregnant.
I wish you all the best, and if I can be of any help, let me know! I'll be here to cheer you on!

Megan said...

Good luck on your journey!! In the past WW has worked for me and obviously it's worked for thousands of people. You can do it!! =)

battling infertility said...

just came across your blog. nice to know some people online who are also trying to conceive like me. nice blog. i'll be following it.

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