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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm a bitch

I don't want to come off wrong, but I'm annoyed that my friend wants to adopt a girl in the future. Now before you throw rocks, hear me out. I've known my friend since high school. She's a semi-nice gal, who personally I think met the wrong man. When she was younger and dating him she got pregnant. He wanted an abortion and she agreed so they went through with it. Shortly after she married him! And they got pregnant AGAIN! This time I guess it was more convenient to keep the baby, even though it wasn't that much difference in time! So now they have two boys...

Well, her husband she complains about ALL the time! Her husband doesn't spend much time with the boys, the boys act out, she complains about the boys and said before she wonders why she ever had them, she complains that her husband will come home and take naps all the time, go into his room and just play computer games all night. HELLO!! WTF?! So about two weeks ago she talked to me about divorcing him. I said it sounds like it would help out, because let's face it he's a horrible father. She also once complained to me about finances, less then a week later her husband had bought a yellow corvette that is a transformers car? I don't get it, but was amazed she could go from complaining about struggling to him getting that. Whatever.

Well they came to talking over things and now are such a "good family" and all, now she's saying they want to now adopt a girl! This is the gal who told me when I said I had a miscarriage "I can't have any more children due to my disease". Wow, thanks for NOT acknowledging I miscarried and trying to make it a "poor you" situation. I also talked of our struggles and she was like "Oh, he can get me pregnant just by looking at me".

So perhaps, yes, I'm a bitch... but she's always complaining about everything. No less she can say everything she's said to me, still want to be married to this dickhead, and want to put another child into that situation?


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Ooh you are not a bitch, that does not sound like a good family situation at all.

Hopefully, once she sees a) how expensive it is to adopt and b) how incredibly long the wait is for a baby girl, she'll get turned off.

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