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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show & Tell - My Cats

I figured I'd do a show & tell this week!! Today I'm going to introduce my 3 cats.

This is Jasmine. When we lived in South Carolina, in the beginning of 2004, our neighbors had a cat run into their house and was VERY pregnant. This was her. I talked them into letting me have her and they accepted. No one claimed her as their own and in Navy it's typical on base for owners to leave their animals behind, unfortunately. She loves being outside, but we don't let her go out and when we do we make sure she doesn't go any where we don't want her to. She's not as playful as she used to be, we don't know her age but we believe she's 10 years. She loves sunbathing and being a lap kitty most of the day. She's a sweet one. She has claimed my husband as hers most of the day.

This is Boots. He's actually Jasmine's baby boy. He was born March 29, 2004 but still acts like our baby! He used to actually fetch toys, but has wised up since then. He isn't as active as normal, but does love chasing Jasmine every-so-often and loves snuggling with her. He loves when we sleep so he can get between us and go under the covers. He LOVES sunbathing. He's pretty much a Garfield lately. As you can see in the picture, he loves begging for things - like treats. He's a snuggler and we love that.

This is Luna, she is our newest member. My SIL's grandmother had three kittens dropped off at her doorstep and my SIL didn't want animal control called to take them away so she gave them all homes. I told her I'd take one and pay for her drive down so last Friday, the 8th, her and her family came to visit for a short while and gave me Luna! Luna is a character. She loves attacking everything. She doesn't stop for nothing, but doesn't mind us grabbing her and petting her for a short while. She's adventurous and loves discovering new things to play with. She's a lovely kitten and fits in perfectly. Our two others are still adjusting to her, but they do play with her every-so-often. I believe my niece named her Luna, but I really think it is short for Lunatic. LMAO.

I'm sure it wasn't that amusing reading about my cats. They're my babies, though and I love them.


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

The are beautiful and it sounds like they are full of personality! So glad you played along with Show and Tell this week!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Love the kitty post! Luna looks just like my Bucky cat!

Kristin said...

What beautiful kitties. Our animals are part of our family too.

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