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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progesterone results, infertility ob/gyn appointment and pregnancy tests. OH MY!

What shall I start with? First, I got my progesterone levels back from yesterday. They look for a level of 10 or above when not medicated and 15 or above if using fertility medicines. Of course I was on an un-medicated and my level was 18.34!! Means I ovulated just fine! My ovulation chart is actually located RIGHT HERE SO CLICK IT. So far my temperature is looking good. Had two higher days but I'm pretty sure it's because I've been under the weather.

My infertility appointment went well. The doctor believed in FAM (fertility awareness method) which is essentially charting, I've been doing it for 11 months as you can see by the link I just made. I think she was surprised how well I knew everything and presented myself. She pretty much asked me what I wanted to do - I said I'd try fertility medication for a while and if in 6 months down the road things don't work out I'll be heading to a RE for IUI (1 1/2 hours away, so hopefully we don't need to go this route but who knows).

So this is the plan, *if* I'm not pregnant this month.

CD 1 - Call the ob/gyn clinic for getting appointments and blood work set up.
CD 3- Go in for Cycle Day 3 blood work, including anything related to the Clomid Challenge and Inhibin B tests
CD 5-9 - Take clomid 50mg/day
HSG done sometime in between all this, usually within a week or so after my period I believe.
CD 10 - Second test related to Clomid Challenge

And she said she'd have me having ultrasounds and checking in to see how my follicles are progressing on this.

7dpo - Progesterone test

She said she'd be willing to prescribe me progesterone in the form of pills that I would take up until 12 weeks if I became pregnant, just to be on the safe side since she does believe low progesterone can be detrimental. I wish the ob/gyns at the Navy base would think like that! I'd probably have know some issues ahead of time!

So I guess it's all up to me, at least that is how she came off as. Which isn't a bad thing, but kind of nerve-wracking being the one to make all the choices. She doesn't believe we'll find any thing on the HSG, but did say after one that for some reason people have an increased chance at getting pregnant for the first couple months. She also said I could try metformin again, she said sometimes it can help clomid work better but since I'm already ovulating normally it might not do anything.

So essentially that's it!! And oh yeah, it's 8dpo... of course I tested. Umm.. multiple times today. I have people in TTC groups saying they see lines - then some saying they don't. Need I mention that this happens *every* cycle, so I never can tell what is real or not until eventually I get a solid BFP or my period. So yeah, here's the tests of today (don't forget 8dpo is really early and I'm not out until my period shows!):
Wondfo Test FMU (First morning urine) Sorry that it is sideways!!
Dollar Tree Store also FMU
Equate in the afternoon

And yes, I do see lines... every where. I also have the urge to pee on things, constantly. Don't worry I don't act on sudden pee urges unless it's on tests.


Roxanna said...

I still see lines all the time and feel a constant urge to POAS constantly...

I use to buy my OPK/HPT's in co-ops in bulk....I seriously bought 100 once and they are gone LOL

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