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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Remembering the humor

During TTC it's good to keep humor, and my DH and I were having fun joking about his sperm. He's got a great count as his last S.A. showed so I was teasing him about it. The jokes (some on his side) were:

Sperm doesn't ask for directions
Sperm made a wrong turn
Sperm aren't getting a good enough pep talk
Sperm followed map-quest directions - that's why they're getting lost (any one who uses map-quest will know what I mean)

Now we know I'm most likely the issue, but it's fun to use the "men don't ask for directions" thing when it comes to his sperm. And if any one has seen documentaries on sperm traveling to the egg you'd realize they *do* get lost. Obviously not all of them make it to the finish line, otherwise we'd have a better chance conceiving if they did!

As for other news - I'm 3 dpo here. As always my breasts started hurting the day of ovulation. For once I wish it was a pregnancy sign. I'm going to see if my primary doctor will do another progesterone test on 7dpo, and 8 dpo I have my first infertility ob/gyn appointment! I'm nervous about it all - nervous about failure, nervous about going further into infertility testing, nervous about being pregnant... but I want pregnancy at least. I want this all to be worth it in the end and it will be - if we have a child in the end. It'd make me so happy to be blessed once more. But for now... I'm just nervous.


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