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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And we're off...

I just took my first dose of doxycycline and clomid this morning. The doxycycline they're having me take 100 mg twice a day, two days before my HSG, the day of and the day after. The clomid I'm on 50mg twice a day from CD 5-9. I still haven't gotten my results back from the ob/gyn office about what my FSH and estradiol levels were from the 23rd, which I'm anxious about. Figures when you call for them they don't call back? I guess it hasn't been 24 hours since I left a message so I still have time to wait. I'm not that patient. LOL.

I'm a little nervous about the HSG, I really don't know what to "expect" on terms of pain. I got my Ibuprofen ready to take an hour before the procedure so hopefully that will help. My husband is getting off Friday morning to watch little man while I'm there, which will be good. I just hope it's not that bad since I plan to leave them at home since no one really wants to sit in an office that long.

We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I get over my jitters, since I know it needs to be done!


Tina said...

Hi! I'm here from ICLW. My HSG was a lot more uncomfortable than I thought i t would be. But it was bearable. Definitely take the ibuprofen before. Good luck!!!

iclw #172

Anonymous said...

My HSG didn't hurt. Maybe that was because I spent a some serious time reading people's blog accounts of how painful it was and expected the worst. In any case it doesn't last long. Good luck and happy ICLW.

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