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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 2 - Your favorite movie

This is just as bad as asking me my favorite song! I love movies - I'll watch them often. I love going to bed watching movies or television box-sets, they help me fall asleep faster (assuming I have watched them recently, otherwise I love trying to stay up late watching them over again).

I could tell you my favorite type of movies. I *love* romantic comedies. I'm not too keen on natural disaster, action, or blood & gore movies. Don't get me wrong, there's some very good movies out there I've watched with those subjects (and are in my movie cabinets) I just would never label one as my favorite.

I really do love a lot of movies. I used to watch "While you were sleeping" with Sandra Bullock all the time, so that's one of my top favorites. "Last Holiday", "Kate & Leopold" and "Knotting Hill" are also up there!

If you think there's a romantic or comedy movie out there you are surprised I don't love, it's probably because I haven't seen it yet!

Want to see some of our collection of movies?

And yes, sorry that photo sucked! Couldn't take a good one and the flash cut out some names, but you get the idea! We also have probably 30 on the floor that we want to watch again and decide if we want to donate them and about 40 disney/pixar/dreamworks dvds & vhs's as well :)

I do love movies.. haven't watched many lately.


PFM said...

I love while you were sleeping. I just love SB. I am so glad she won an oscar.

jrs said...

i recently saw Miss Congeniality again. That is a great movie

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