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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 3 - your favorite TV program

Out of the 8 years we've been married, we haven't had cable for that amount of time! Which of course means the only ways I get to see any television shows are if I want to buy the box-sets or watch it somewhere on vacation (like my mom's house). So as you can imagine I don't see many new television shows.

However if I went with the top one I'm interested in that is still on air it's PSYCH. Absolutely love it. I also love Scrubs, but haven't seen that for a few years either. I think there is one or two more box-sets for me to buy of that show! And my newest interested is Drop Dead Diva, but I've only see the first 2 episodes of it since my mom showed it to me the night before we had to start heading back to our home. I was disappointed, it looked kind of cute :)

Honestly, you should see my collection of television box-sets! And the sad thing is for my birthday next month or for Christmas I'll probably get more *fingers crossed*


Glass Case of Emotion said...

I haven't been able to start this process yet, but I cannot imagine picking ONE song or TV show. Ack!

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