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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I NEED to...

I really need to get control of my weight. It sucks having PCOS and insulin resistance and I know my problems would be in control/easier if I lost weight. Why do I suffer motivation? Why can't I do what I did before and just DO IT? I have to do it.. I know my weight is the cause of our issues.. so why can't I just DEAL? Any one else feel that way? I say we get on the bandwagon, lace our shoes up, go for a walk, or work out on our dusty old treadmills (or in my case stationary bike) and do it.. not tomorrow, TODAY!! Well, okay tomorrow for me since it's 10:30 pm and I need to sleep.

I'm just frustrated at myself. I used to hold motivation, I used to do it no complaints but now I cannot just suck it up and try. I never was thin, but at least when I weighed less my body didn't tell me to screw off!


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Hang in there with the Meformin. Once I got up to the full dose, I did start to see my weight come down after about 3 weeks. It's so hard to get started but I am finding things easier now. I buy some stuff at Trader Joe's, it's "fun" food so I feel more motivated to eat it. Exercise...meh.

Good luck! We've got your back!

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