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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our detailed plan... finally

Yesterday my husband and I had a talk... of course I *had* to have it around midnight, which made it harder to have, but we figured things out between yesterday and today. We've discussed laying off trying to conceive 10 months before he gets out of the military, so there were not any extra stresses or concerns while he's hunting for a civilian job. Of course this bothers me, and might change in the future... but it gives us an idea of how long we have left until we possibly will stop. We have 19 months. 19 months left of giving it our all trying to conceive and have another baby. When looking at it as a time line it is a little scary! So we broke it down on what's next.

• First thing is my weight. This a a BIG thing, as I've got to continually focus on healthy options, exercise, and weight loss. I really feel like my weight has had a big influence on my fertility and my miscarriages, considering I have PCOS. So that means watching what choices of foods I pick and exercising. Most likely I'll consider going back on metformin to aid in my insulin levels, and just suffer while my stomach gets used to it. I have to ask about them when I talk to them next! Which should be in an hour or tomorrow, if they don't get back to me before they close. I have to still make my weight loss goal, but it's a big part of the process.

• I've called the nurses about my lack of a real period, she's talking to the doctor about if they should do hormonal tests or give me the provera. I told her that pregnancy tests are coming out negative, I know I haven't ovulated and my chart indicates pre-O temperatures still. But she'll still discuss this issue... and as much as I hate going on medically inducing a period, I'm sick of this never ending cycle so I want it done. I just went in to the nurses get a blood test, they insisted on having one done before starting provera even though I told them I know I wasn't - something about needing to ovulate to actually get pregnant. So the deal is now once that tests says I'm not pregnant I get provera to start everything we originally planned on doing months ago, before the pregnancy and miscarriage:
CD 1 - Call the ob/gyn clinic for getting appointments and blood work set up.
CD 3- Go in for Cycle Day 3 blood work, including anything related to the Clomid Challenge and Inhibin B tests
CD 5-9 - Take clomid 50mg/day
HSG done sometime in between all this, usually within a week or so after my period I believe.
CD 10 - Second test related to Clomid Challenge

And she said she'd have me having ultrasounds and checking in to see how my follicles are progressing on this.

7dpo - Progesterone test

• Going on clomid 3-6 cycles. Talked about at 3-4 months re-evaluating how things are going and if 2-3 more months is going to make a difference at all, or if it's worth going to the next step.

• Next step is IUI's, possibly IUI/Follitism (?) depending on what the doctor and us discuss. I'm not sure how many cycles makes sense on IUI's, but we discussed 3 cycles of IUI before re-evaluating again. This part becomes more struggle for us, considering we will now be heading a one hour drive to get to appointments since the only approve military RE's are in Tacoma. I think it'll be 3-6 cycles in all of IUI before we truly move on.

• After 3-6 IUI cycles heading onto IVF. This will be only 2 cycles, but even then I don't know how it will go because there usually is a wait at the military RE's office.

At that point in time we'll probably hit the 19 month mark if we get that far, so then we'll have a break. Once Aldon gets settled in with a job and a steady income we're pursuing adoption.

I feel better having a plan, but at the same time it's kind of overwhelming. Going into the OB/gyn office for blood work I tried avoiding the pregnant bellies but they were every where, of course. And one has a shirt on with a fetus saying something... cannot remember what that shirt is, but I have the sudden urge to design infertility shirts with snarky/smart-ass or some kind of other comments to wear *specifically* while at their office.


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