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Monday, August 23, 2010

Scheduled the appointments

*Question for others on the bottom!!*

Well, we got the appointments scheduled for me! I had to go in for some CD 3 blood work today - that included estradiol, FSH, and Inhibin B test. I kept talking to the nurse a few times this morning asking questions so she had to get back to me a few times. I asked the nurse WHY the ob/gyn didn't want to do the other testing (like LH, prolactin, progesterone, TSH, DHEAS, Testosterone, or anything like that) and she told me she didn't know. Why I don't know since I asked her the first time to ask about adding tests to make sure we have everything! So already I'm frustrated. I *know* I'm not going to a professional who deals solely in IF like I need to, but the first step was this. It also sucks because when we talked at my IF appointment before I got pregnant we mentioned when I'm on clomid getting follicle ultrasounds. I asked the nurse about that and the ob/gyn said no to it because I'm not doing IVF. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it make sense to see if clomid is doing any good? So I feel she's already failing on what I need, seeing as these are things we discussed, she said yes to, and now doesn't have them in her notes so going against what she said first!

I guess it worries me that we'll do clomid for 4-6 months, she won't do what should be getting done and when we go to the RE they'll tell us all that work was in vain and to try again on clomid. I really don't want any more wasted time, you know? We'll see how it goes. I don't like the thought of one hour drives each way to the RE, but eventually we'll be down that road. I just prefer to try this route first.

I have a couple questions for everyone!!

1. My HSG is in four days!! Did any one else have it and what did they think of it? And also, did any of your doctors tell you to stop metformin before then if you took it? I'm getting mixed signs on this. Everything I read says to stop it 48 hours prior and my OB/gyn says to stay on it.

2. Also, any one know more about the clomid challenge test (ccct)? I know it says if your FSH is elevated on CD 3 or CD 10 test that it's abnormal, or if you're estradiol level is above 80. This brings me to ask.. I had a estradiol level test done a month before my pregnancy and it was 82. What does this all mean? And is it true that if your results are abnormal you have less chance for pregnancy to occur? I'm so lost by it all.


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