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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The results are in!

The doctor's office finally called me back today. I guess they decide to wait until the Inhibin B test was back before telling me the results, since the Inhibin B test takes the longest. Honestly I wasn't expecting that result until later, I just wanted the FSH and Estradiol!!

So here's the three tests they did:

Test PerformedLevelNormal Levels
FSH4.5 mIU/ml3-20 mIU/ml
Estradiol67 pg/ml25-75 pg/ml
Inhibin B65 pg/mLAbove 45 pg/mL

So going from those numbers, my FSH is actually considered excellent right now! Kind of odd. It's interesting how our bodies aren't always the same - because I've had high numbers, low numbers and every thing in between. The Estradiol # I was worried about since last time I got blood work it was 82 which could be a functional cyst or diminished reserve so you can imagine the nervousness about that!

But everything is good so far. Hopefully the CD 10 blood work for the FSH will show the #'s still good! So the fun part begins - the wait for me to ovulate which is always an exciting thing. I typically don't ovulate until CD 23-26 although last time I was on clomid I ovulated around CD 21 so we'll see. Means I got 15 days or so left but will be using OPK's soon to make sure I don't miss any opportunity. Hopefully the next two weeks go by quick, then onto the 2ww!!

Tomorrow is my HSG, wish me luck!! Less than 24 hours to go!


jeffandtoripack said...

Just a fellow gal trying to get pregnant, but thought hearing my story could help.......My cycles are also really long, usually 36 days, and my dr. changed my plan and I am now taking Femara 3-7, and Bravelle shots 7,9,11. This combination has thrown me into a normal cycle for the first time ever, 28 days. You may want to ask the dr. about this combination if the clomid does not work for you. I took clomid for 5 cycles, and it only worked the first time (resulting in a 6 week miscarriage), and then my cycle got extremely messed up and I had to be force to be put on meds to make my period start. I have felt wonderful with this combination. My first cycle on these meds I had 5 follicles and they had to cancel my IUI, this month I took 1/2 the Bravelle and I had 1 follicle. It's frustrating finding the right combination, but hopefully this or next month will result in a baby. Good luck to you! Tori Pack, UT

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