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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4- your favorite book

This one is particularly hard to come up with an answer to because I never seem to have the time to read books. *Insert other excuses here* I know, lame to have excuses when it comes to certain things! If I have time to be on the computer, I have time to read. If I have time to watch a movie, I have time to read. This excuse also stops me from exercising! It stinks.

I don't have a favorite book. I will occasionally read them, but have yet to find a favorite. Why, you may ask? Because I usually only read self-help books. When I started having my funk last weekend due to getting my period and all the stuff I've put up with I pulled out some of my self-help books. The first one I started reading (and still am reading) is "What about the BIG stuff?" I really am enjoying the book. I decided to be evil and take a highlighter to the book for the stuff that fits my life and things I need to listen to. I figured it's the best way to pay attention to what it says by marking it up.

I'll add a few paragraphs from the book every so often. Here's the first chapter of "What about the BIG stuff?" called "Learn from the big stuff" which says on page 7:

"Why do we so often forget to enjoy the process of life while it's unfolding? Why are we so preoccupied with rushing through everything? ... Is there a way to slow down and enjoy the process? Is it possible that, if we were to do so, we wouldn't have the same regrets."
I think with fertility it always is a race, that's the issue. Ever notice those smug pregnant people who are always showing off and saying "oh it only took me getting off birth control to conceive" or "finally after three months we conceived"? It's hard not to look at every thing as a race. But when did sex become something to stop enjoying and do just to procreate? That's what infertility feels like sometimes.. just doing it because you want to catch the egg.

Hopefully I can lay back and enjoy this ride... I know we'll have more children. I don't know when, but I should just enjoy the process. I'll have to read more of this book.


Kristin said...

Infertility really messes with your mind and that can be so hard to deal with. Good luck TTC and enjoy the book.

#28 ICLW

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