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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ever have something..

Every have something that has been said or done that makes you laugh and no matter how much you can't stop thinking about it and laughing some more? Well, this is one of those times:

In other news, my HSG was great! Very uncomfortable, and yes a little crampy (that's what happens when they put a balloon in the uterus) but not as bad as I was thinking. Honestly some of my period cramps are worse! I'd never want to do it again for sure. The doctor said it was great - they were amazed how quickly it was over with because the dye went through my uterus and out of my fallopian tubes quickly! No scarring, no blockages, no holes, nothing abnormal.. just a clean healthy looking uterus! At least from what they see :) So all good! They'll still look through the shots closely but sounds like it's one less thing wrong with me. As much as I'd love to know why I'm having issues I'm glad nothing was wrong on this one.


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