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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My "invisible friends"...

I don't have many people respond to my posts, or check up on me (at least not that I'm aware of)... however there's many people out there who don't know I check up on often. Any one in my follow list that's been having TTC issues or is trying to adopt I make sure to check in for updates often on my blogger front page. I find myself crying for them when they're hurting or happy for them when something wonderful happens. It's amazing how people I've never met I feel so much empathy for. For the ones who long to be mothers, who are trying to adopt but are going through some very tough hurdles, for every one.

I've noticed a lot lately there's been a lot of hardships with the majority of my invisible friends. It seems we are all struggling lately - from adoptions slipping through our hands, a majority of miscarriages, or having yet one more BFN. It's heart-aching to see. It's times like this where you realize infertility is a battle many people suffer. We each go through our own trials, our own pain, and hopefully in the end we'll all rise on top.

Amazingly when I searched Zazzle for infertility shirts I saw only 265!! 265 items addressing infertility... I was in shock. Even pregnancy loss only has 368 items. I always question - is there just not enough awareness, do people not care enough, or are some too embarrassed by the struggles that have got them to where they are today? Me? I wear my heart on my shoulder, I will sputter to any one listening about my battles.. about my triumphs and my losses. My struggles and my babies are a big part of my life.

I wish there would be a day where pregnancy loss and infertility were not apart of our vocabulary, but I know that's the trial some of us face. I wish that people would address it nicer, and others who don't know where we come from would stop their stupidity. I wish there was a day where those who never understood would feel the pain I feel for each of my invisible friends. May you all find happiness, love, and comfort.


Glass Case of Emotion said...

What a sweet post. And yes, there are so many of us. Even the last few people I've told (IRL) have said they know several other people in our situation. So, there are lots of us out there. Though the sea of bumps out there isn't always easy to navigate. Thanks for always checking in! :)

Tiffany said...

I have a lot of invisible friends that I constantly check up on as well! (You being one of them! I just suck at commenting! LoL)
And you're right, there has been a lot of struggle around here lately. It's sad and makes my heart hurt for these women who I feel so close to.
It is such a nice feeling to have a group of people who know exactly how you are feeling.
Maybe one day, there will be more awareness, and less shame on these topics.

Good post, Lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm an invisible friend. I found you doing a google search. I just started a blog this week about my experience. It's at

I'd love to hear your input. You have a great blog. I'd be interested in what you think.

Thanks for making this great resource for all of us!

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