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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 7- photo that makes me happy

This one is a hard topic to me. I have so many photos that bring me happiness... most importantly the pictures of my son from birth to currently, but in respect to others I won't show those here. I love to be respectful of others and know when I suffered primary infertility it kind of stung seeing children and I don't want to hurt any one here. That's why I have two blogs - one for my family and one for my infertility. Although I do want to start bringing photography into this blog since I haven't yet and that's where I'll start today! So... a photo that makes me happy... well, you're in luck - you get TWO!!

Okay we'll start with the obvious question - why "breathtaking photography" as my watermark? I have yet to claim that as a business name, since I'm not making money off of my photography so you think I would watermark it with my name but I still LOVE "Breathtaking Photography" as a business name. Does that seem idiotic to do that? I really don't know if I should register my business name when I'm not making a dime from it! I know it would make sense to watermark my name, but I don't want my full name known! Any way... off track.. lol.

Alright, the next question? Where did I take these photos? The octopus was taken at a marine science center in Poulsbo, Washington! This octopus' name is Bob. Don't ask me why they named him that! But Bob loved (or perhaps hated) me taking a lot of photos of him so he was showing off for about 15 minutes!! I kept snapping so many pictures of him while he showed off and this one is the one I love most. Photography in general makes me smile.

The seagull was taken on a boardwalk in Poulsbo, Washington. I love watching seagulls drop clams down below to crack them open. It's so fun trying to get the perfect shot of this happening and crazy to hear how loud of a thump the clams make when they hit the rocks below. Seagulls are so smart!

I could post tons of photos, like I stated photography makes me smile!! I find satisfaction in getting close to things like bees to take a photo!! Don't worry, it was calm since it was getting colder and started to drizzle. I'm not completely insane! Photography is my therapy.


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